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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: All the hotels with free breakfast?
Answer: no. Specific information, see each line of travel accommodation and meals.

Q: In addition to the designated meeting place, can I asked the tour shuttle bus to other places?
Answer: no. To make sure not to delay the trip, the tour shuttle bus just pickup customer in specified places.

Q: If I'm late, did not arrive the pickup places on time, my tour will wait for me?
Answer: no. Tour shuttle bus will depart on time. You will need to arrive at the designated pickup place before tour starting and report to the tour guide. If you are a long ride or plane to Los Angeles, to avoid mistakes due to skip your tour, we recommend that you arrive a day earlier to pickup location; or give yourself plenty of time.

Q: Can I request an airport shuttle services?
A: For more information, please contact customer service 626-400-2871 or email info@bfftours.com

Q: Do you have reservation of hotel services?
A: For more information, please contact customer service 626-400-2871 or email info@bfftours.com

Q: I would like to order BFF tours, how to sign up and pay?
A: Please login BFF Tours website www.bfftours.com, go to the Ordering Information page. For registration and payment inquiries, please contact Customer Service 626-400-2871 or email info@bfftours.com

Q: how do I know if my order has been confirmed?
Answer: BFF Tours receiving your registration, we will process your order within 1-2 working days; once confirm, we will send a booking confirmation to you via email.

Q: How do I change or cancel my booking?
A: Once the order confirmed, customer request to cancel the tour due to personal reason, customer need to be responsible for a  "cancellation fee." Details, please refer to the BFF Tours travel term page . If customer determined to cancel reservations, please write a request to BFF tour which included passenger name and group number and other travel-related information via email to info@bfftours.com ; Upon receipt of your information, BFF Tours will reply within 1-2 business days. Whenever by telephone request to change or cancel reservations, BFF Tours are not accept.

Q: If I am not a U.S. citizen, should I need to bring along with travel documents?
A: Yes. Travelers should bring a valid passport and visa; * at least six months validity. Any problems arising from customer was refused entry, the Company does not take any responsibility.

Q: I need to pay tour guide and tourist bus driver's service charge?
A: Yes. Every passenger is required to pay service charge.

Q: Can I bring my dog ​​with the tour yet?
A: Sorry! Can not.

Q: The tour can speak Chinese?
A: Yes. BFF Tour tour guides fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Q: I need to buy travel insurance?
A: To protect your personal safety, it is recommended: passengers to buy their own personal travel, health insurance before departure. 

Q: How do I know the weather and temperatures in tourist destination in order to prepare the luggage?
A: For the convenience of passengers, each tour are accompanied by the relevant local weather overview before departure you can browse on itinerary of "Notes".

Q: places to visit, the tour guide will compel shopping?
A: No. Refusing compulsory shopping behavior.

Q: What is the voltage in North America?
A: North America (including the United States and Canada)
Voltage: 110V / Frequency: 60HZ / Plug Type: feet flat type / feet flat + round grounding pin)


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