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Travel Notice

Fees Included:
  1. Hotel: hotel listed on the itinerary or similar.
  2. Transportation: using ground transportation equipped with air-conditioning and Listed in the itinerary of the various modes of transportation.
  3. Meals: stated within the itinerary provided (complimentary / included) Meals
  4. Tour program: all tour program stated without extra fees (or in case the listed tour program not able to visit, then we try to provide an alternative options to substitute.)

Fees Do Not Included:
  1. All relevant personal travel insurance on the itinerary.
  2. Accompanying tour guide and bus driver service charges.
  3. All airfare and own expense meals.
  4. All the tour programs and activities in own expense.
  5. Any hotel, restaurant and all other private consumption.
  6. Cause by the strike, typhoon, aircraft due to cancel, change the time, delay caused by traffic and other are not within our control situation may result the additional costs.

Tours Responsibilities:
  1. If case of actual need (including weather, traffic congestion, tourist bus fault .. etc), our company is entitled before departure or after departure to cancel or replace any of the tourism project, visitors are not allowed to exit the membership so the objection, or request compensation.
  2. Any traveler does not follow the rule intentionally or interfere the tour guide and the tour group with normal activities, our company will reserve the right to disqualify the rest of his/her tour without refund any fees, and our company do not have further responsibility about this traveler.
  3. As a result of the coup, strikes, transport, sightseeing agency negligence or other uncontrolled accidents directly or indirectly lead to injuries and damage to property members, our company shall not be responsible for such injuries or property damage.
  4. Our company reserves the right to replace all hotel accommodations at any time without prior notice if necessary.
  5. To ensure an fair distribution of seats inside the tourist vehicle, please follow tour guide's instruction to change seat each day and avoid unnecessary controversy.
  6. Your participated tour group due to special reason or lack of people and cause it can not take place, our company reserves the right to cancel it, while fares paid will be refunded without interest. Also our company will not be responsible for other personal expenses, including air ticket, the hotel fees .. and so on.
  7. Due to the special needs of the individual, we can not change the rules and requirements set out in the itinerary, accommodation, tours and other programs. If change made from that individual without consult our tour guide. Any personal or tour group loss that cause by that individual, he/she need to responsible.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
  1. Cancel a confirmed tour reservation, our company will charge a "cancellation fee" in accordance with the below methods (except custom made tours and the special offer tours) , the remaining balance will be refunded by check without interest.

    * Notice period (BASE ON DEPARTURE DATE)
    (1 - 5) Days Tour (6 - 9) Days Tour
    Notice period *
    minimum fee
    Cancellation fee
    $ 50
    Notice period *
    Cancellation fee
    $ 100
    30 days or more minimum fee
    30 days or more minimum
    25-29 days 30% of fare or minimum fee
    25-29 days 30% of fare
    20-24 days 40% of fare or minimum fee
    20-24 days 40% of fare
    15-19 days 50% of fare or minimum fee
    15-19 days 50% of fare
    10-14 days 70% of fare
    10-14 days 70% of fare
    5-9 days 90% of fare 5-9 days 90% of fare
    4 days or less 100% of fare 4 days or less 100% of fare

  2. If travelers do need to cancel the confirmed reservation, the relevant information can be send to us by email and you will be receive a reply message from BFF Tours in 1 or 2 working days ; no cancellation or refund can be done if notice by telephone.
  3. Guest on the day of departure or suddenly quit (for any reasons), shall be deemed a waiver of fees and it will not be refunded.


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