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Ordering Terms

Booking Methods:
  1. Booking Online
  2. Booking By Phone
  3. Booking By Email

Booking Procedure: When you book trips to relevant information through our online ordering. After it reached us, "BFF Tours" will reply an e-mail to you to verify our company received your booking request "Provisional Booking Notice". You will receive another email within maximum of 24 hours (except for private itineraries) from us, to confirm your reservation or not. If your travel reservation has been successfully accepted by us, you will also receive "Reservation Confirmation" and "Receipt" by e-mail. After the recipient, please verify all information as soon as possible, any questions, please call us.

  1. Before issuing travel "Booking Confirmation", all associated costs must be fully charged.
  2. Tourists must fly to join the tour, please wait until you received our "Booking Confirmation" before you book your air ticket. For the people has not received confirmation from us, but already book flights in advance. In case, they can not participate in the original schedule of tours, and a waste of your air ticket; "BFF Tours" does not need to bear any liability or compensation, Please note.
  3. If you need to change the location to board for our tour or the flight information, please inform us at least one day before your tour start (using e-mail) to facilitate us to make appropriate arrangements as soon as possible, please cooperate.
  4. Your "Booking Confirmation" can be printed or archived in your smartphone. It must be presented to your tour guide on the first day to facilitate confirm your eligibility Offered.

Payment Methods:

  1. Credit card - Pay Online
  2. Check - By Mail
  3. Remittance - Please Wire Transfer Funds to "BFF Tours" Bank Account(Bank Account Info. - Upon Request)


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